Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whitney's Desires

The women I love with all my heart has inspired me to write this blog post, we broke up after new years 2011, she claimed i hurt her and broke her heart, i am deeply affected by her choice to give up on something I feel was genuine and true. It has been a long time since I came in contact with a women that showed me so much love and concern the way she did, she has demonstrated to me what real love is and how it feels and the feeling was deep the feeling was true the feeling was genuine the feeling was real and it made me more mindful of romance and other things related to that topic. All i wanted was to make things right with her and prove to her I am the right person for her, but in the process I realized how selfish I became only thinking of what I wanted and never considered what she wanted and desired. She desired a man that would understand her comfort her care for her respect her and most of all embrace her with love. I made my attempts to fulfill these desires but once again all i did was be selfish only thinking of myself and not considering her feelings. Now that I no longer have her all I can do is think of how I can make it up to her and what I could have done differently to prevent this from happening in the first place and why I was so selfish, she has truly opened my eyes to what a man must do in order to make sure his girl is happy, 1. She showed me a man must take care of himself and his business stay focused and achieve higher goals. 2. She showed me a man must be straightforward with his lady meaning you must learn to communicate effectively so both of you can understand and resolve any issues that may come up. 3. She showed me you must make her feel loved both by telling her and showing her your affection. Yesterday I text her this message explaining why I acted the way I did, this is based on my life experience.

Text message to Whitney:

All it takes is one night and ill have your body shake like earthquakes, make your pussy rain like storm clouds, and make you moan with a loud sound like thunder... lol ill have your head spinning like a therefore no man can come close no man can compare i am the one i am the only and no man can clone me I'm that guy they call general S.P I command armies of men and have stolen many hearts from great women but only one women will keep my heart and that's you Whitney … ego is what gets the best of me cause girls always tell me I'm a dream cum true lol they tell me no other man made them feel the way i did they tell me when i speak its as if I'm telling a poem they say I'm the poetic charmer indeed i agree and i believe you do to...i love you Whitney and ill never stop tell I have you once more and fulfill your hearts desire just trust me :( please ! ! !

I emphasized how great of a lover i am to her by describing natures elements with ever sexual remark. I explained to her how many women told me many things. Therefore they affected my future actions to this day, these woman made me feel like I was a god made me feel superior so i acted as if I was better than the one I loved and cared for but I feel a change coming into light, but none of them could compare to her she is indeed the most flawless one she is my princess my queen my goddess my everything, I emphasized how much I loved her and cared for her "I hope the messages gets through"

The two pictures on top are pictures of her the one I made this blog about " The one I love with all my heart."
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