Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is courting

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Courting or courtship, is a way of evaluating if someone is a potential lifetime partner, If this person is appropriate and suitable for marriage, someone they can settle down with. Courting is traditionally a religious view, but I would like to say its also a great way to truly find someone actually worth being with.

If you are someone that has gone through the cycle of multiple partners and have been unsuccessful in finding the right one for you, then I would encourage courting as your choice of finding that special someone in your life, by taking things slow, you learn more about yourself and your potential partner.

Why not take your time and really get to know each other? The reward of doing so would be tremendous, building your friendship on key principles such as: trust, faithfulness and loyalty, now if you can accomplish this as a friend (Courtship) then it will definitely work in your favor, because you have demonstrated true marriage and relationship material to your potential partner.

Also keep in mind, when the two of you decide to go out, try to be considerate and allow joint decision making, this way you both can benefit from the experience and grow closer as a result. Joint Decision making is a very relevant way for you and your date to get along and enjoy things together, because you don't want to make the mistake of going somewhere your partner wouldn't like or enjoy.

Within the first few months, your focus should be getting to know each other and understanding the needs and desires of one another. By putting their needs first you can effectly acknowledge and correct problems that may arise, and also explore and learn about pass experiences to be able to address any issues and problems that may come up.

But the real issue is that sometimes we don't learn from our pass experiences, and we therefore continue to make them over and over again. So look within ones self and figure out what you can do next time to prevent a relationship from falling apart. Only you have the key, only you have the answer, and only you know what you have done in the past, but no matter what you have done, you can always fix it and make it right the next time around.

Remember for every action produces a reaction whether good or bad, so this time around be sure the end result is a positive one.

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