Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Romance Topics - Woman in disress

Good morning world, I would like to introduce you to a person i met on myspace, when i first met her she was in a problem, she needed me to tell her what she did wrong and why her love life never seemed to work out. So this is the message she sent me via myspace :

im 21 with a severly broken heart i gess i just wish to hear life will get better..........i have mental problims that efect day to day life......theres this guy iv secretly loved since grade school .....we met wen my life was bad and so was his........i was sooooooo scared to loose him...hes a 10 .....but i think id rate me no higher then a 7.....confadence......severly lacks tho i beleve he has made it worse i want the best for him and would do almost anything for him ........on a good day die........but he thrw me away for what i can only asume a good lay......shes not so hot and reminds me of a life draind junky.....very a big booty chick with valuptuos assets and a good head on my shoulders........where do i go from here now that i descover all my time with him has been esentally wasted cus he dosint like plump woman he likes em frail and relly relly small so theres not much hope for me and my fat ass im very sad please help..

My response :

I would like to start by saying you are beautiful and with that simple fact in place you shouldn't feel that you need a man to make yourself feel complete..god made you with all you could ever need so smile be happy..i would suggest for you to explore yourself and see what makes you happy and do them, i believe your problem is that you have been hurt over and over by men you truly love with all your heart if this is the case maybe you should see why this is happening research and think about your past relationship and think of things you may have done wrong pinpoint the flaw and try to figure out what you could do different next time to make sure your next relationship progresses to something you could be happy for...also you should try giving it a break and focus on yourself and be content and make yourself happy cause that's the main thing people must understand if you cant make yourself happy then how do you expect someone else can ?

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