Thursday, March 3, 2011

Romance Topics - How do you know if that special someone really loves you

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I have compiled a list of thing you could do to investigate if that special someone really loves you and steps to improve your relationship.

1. See if they show affection

2. See if they pay attention to you with genuine concern

3. See if they tell you they love you

4. Read body language – It’s a way of knowing peoples true intention and how they really want to express themselves "Hidden Motives"

5. Examine if they spent enough time with you, and if not figure out why and what you could do to fix the problem

6. This reflex directly with step 5 the key element is "Communication", be sure to reach out to that special person in your life, learn as much as you can, ask them how their day was, ask them if they need anything, be genuinely concerned and act on it. Show them you care and not only tell them, because words become void without action to back it up.

7. Finally just simply spend more time together to build your connection to each other, like going out to a movie, or maybe just a walk down the street could make a impact on your relationship, be creative, find what you have in common and use that information to your advantage.

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